Stinky Mail

That's the kind we occasionally get.  Thankfully.  The local post office phoned us and wanted to know if we were expecting a package - that smelled.  Jo-Ann's Auntie Roberta had turned us on to Oka Cheese last year so our hopes were up.  We assuaged their fears that it was a dead animal and assured them we would be in to take the odiferous package away.  There was no hiding the smell when we picked up the package. Delightful.  Home for tea, some delicious Auntie Roberta, world famous, hand made crunchy biscotti.

With a ration of Oka.  It's got to last.  At least until it's gone.  It is just nothing we can get in a local store.  I found one at the Coast but it was a pale remembrance of the real thing.  How can something smell so odiferous and yet taste so good.  It's a cheese thing I suppose.  The only other example I can think of is Durian Fruit - smells like baby poop, tastes like honey.  Don't leave it in your fridge.

Finally got a moment to fill the 45 gallon drums in the green house.  Our well is very cold and the water going in was only a few degrees above zero.  After a couple of fires now the water has risen to 10C, interesting to see how high it gets.  And how well it moderates the temperature in the green house.  It does have quite the heat sink.  Will be interesting to see how it works when we get some sun on it.

My irrigation plan for next summer includes heating a 1000 gallons of water in large plastic tanks  painted black to absorbe sunlight and pumping the heated water through the irrigation system.

I stole a reindeer today.  It just wasn't doing the Christmas thing with any enthusiasm.  Now to spend some time with the circuit checker seeing if I can brighten it up.  And of course I will return it!

Hope you get a chance to relax over the Season!


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