Deck the Halls

Well, actually its deck the Veranda. Yesterday was Deck Day. One of the last "Big" projects was the outside veranda decking on the main house. It was just 1/2 inch rough plywood on 2 X 10 joists with 16" centres. The final straw was when I found myself stepping in the "right" places to avoid the parts that felt spongy. I don't think it would have made another winter without haveing to be totally ripped up and replaced. I gave it a coat of waterproofing first. It sucked up about three gallons of preservative. Then my brother showed up at 5:00 a.m. yesterday and we started laying down 2 X 6 tongue and groove pine decking.
The early start was to avoid the heat of the day. Like all 29 degrees of it. I don't think people here are used to any kind of heat. We're at 3000 feet and 54 degrees latitude which tends to keep things fairly cool in my books. It's been overcast also. A lot of Forest Fires burning in the Area from here to Tumbler ridge. Makes for some very pretty sunsets.

Getting up at Five worked so well yesterday we've decided to do it again today. On the list for today is:

Paint the trim on the storage shed
Complete the deck trim
Borate the deck burls
Make a deck at the storage shed ( for Garden Viewing )

The Garden is doing well, the spuds especially like the tires.


carolb said…
LOL! Wow, this retirement thing sure is alot of work! Sheesh! Happy potato heads!

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