What List?

Well scratch that list. My Brother Tom showed up again and decided to sculpt the veranda logs so that you can see over the top while sitting in a lawn chair.And for good measure we finished off the burls on the deck. Added one at the entry and one more on the West end.He's a Maestro with a chain saw. Well he's been building log cabins (Tiny's Log homes) since the Seventies. With the new deck the place is starting to look pretty spiffy. Just intime for the Rockhound Barbeque this weekend. Today I am going to treat the wood so that I can stain it tommorrow. I had to do some crack filling with wood putty and one log had a narrow strip of dry rot when we lowered it.I have some pretty neat stuff from Perma Chink that turns rotton wood into solid stuff. Pretty handy on a log home. I will build it back up now that it's stabilized with a type of wood plasticine from the same company. Patience was never one of my virtues. But with a project this size you either have it or go nuts trying to do everything at once. But little by little...


carolb said…
Nice work on the veranda. That looks awesome.

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