Heat Wave

We're sitting on the veranda enjoying the shade and breeze. Ostensibly I am taking a break from setting up the front of the house for painting. Tying off ladders getting the extension ready for my power washer. In reality I am futzing about. I haven't been making a lot of time to do that lately as I have been painting a commercial space in Fraser Lake. So I am really enjoying this. Jo-Ann too. Drinking some peach tea. Doing an experiment, really, on what cools you down faster in hot weather - a hot cup of tea or an ice cold glass of lemonade. Lots of theorys out there.

Stir-fried a head of lettuce and a zuchinni from the tire patch it was wonderful. Needed some oyster sauce, some chicken and a tablespoon of honey. I have this fantasy where I can do that and only have to buy the Oyster sauce. ( unless I can figure out how to grow fresh water oysters..)

Twice a week I go to a meeting in a Church in town. We get pretty cheap rent and the place was starting to look a little run down. Really needed paint. I started going early and working on the windows. I have got some other guys interested and yesterday my buddy Ed and I went and painted the wheel chair ramp and the front entrance steps. The thing is now we'll end up doing the whole joint. The newly painted trim around the door makes the door look dingy....etc


Endako Jo said…
I'm not sure how that experiment is going to turn out, though. Does it really count if you have a cup of hot tea in one hand and cold lemonade in the other?....drinking them both at the same time.
Viki said…
Is that a 2 fisted drinker's experiment?
carolb said…
When we were in Africa, they swore by the hot tea thing. I couldn't do it, I always asked for something cold to drink and they thought I was weird.

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