The Lights On But Nobodys Home

Well, I just thought it looked "Homier" with the light on. I am sure Grandma appreciates a little light on the subject.

I got the water flowing last night. It was under Grandma's house --just not where I thought. It was on the other side of the house. I manage to get it un thawed and we now have running water. Amazing how we take the simplest things for granted. Until we can flush the toilet..

I'll have to go and make some permanent repairs today. Well enough to get us through the winter. Next summer I need to bury the lines instead of leaving six foot chunks exposed. For now I will put some heat tape on the exposed parts, insulate them and put a heater in the crawlspace. I need to do some electrical work underneath also. I discovered a box that has some burnt up wiring in it. I am also going to put a 220 volt heater in the upstairs part of the house just to take the chill off. I am sure Grandma ( not to say the packrats ) will appreciate it.


viki said…
Packrats are those cute little buggers, but man can they do damage. Our Princeton neighbour found tools she was missing in a next as big as the horse stall.
Viki said…
oops, make that a nest not next. blush

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