Now the Missus thinks I was just out having fun. Well I am glad I did the ram snow plow method before the snow started to freeze up. I would have a lot of difficulty doing that now. But, yes it was fun. It is amazing what the Toyota will push with the off road chains on. The off road clutch is a big help too. Found that out when I pushed the snow down to Savory road and then attempted to come back up. Up hill. Redline in first gear all the way. Don't think I'll try that again.

Well I think I will shut down, go out and see if I can recondition some old gas I have and fire up the snow thrower. One kilometre of driveway will take a while. But what else do I have to do. Don't see the snow plows coming up here for quite a bit.

They are really concerned about all the moose hunters that are out in the back country around here. Getting those roads open will be the priority.

If I get the gas working were good for another couple of weeks. If not I go out and come back by snowmobile.


Anonymous said…
Hi Art and Joanne! Hilarious...when you said you were snow plowing I assumed you had a plow on the front of your truck :) great video!

I knew things were tough all over the region, but I can't believe how much snow you have. Good thing you have a generator.

It's cold up north here, but we only got about 18 inches of snow. Keeping busy - hope to see you on Nov 29!

take care, dionne

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