Why I should cut wood in the summer

It's -25c the taps are wide open but no water comes out. Frozen solid. I think the problem is with a six foot stretch of pipe that is exposed under Grandma's house.

It's been on my "to fix" list for ever. I put some heat tape on it about five hours ago and tomorrow I will install a bigger electric heater. And hope. If that doesn't work it's drag a paint sprayer up there and try and shoot hot water down the lines. The water line is about a quarter mile long from our well under grandma's house and then down to the main house. So it could be anywhere but Grandma's is the place I would bet on.

My neighbor Audrey, says she has noticed that problems with plumbing here are always conducted when it is -20 or colder. Just something we do here. I think it's just because I won't listen to that nagging voice - or review the nagging to do list.
----And that after a career of doing maintenance work. Progress to be hoped for. Perfection never.

In the mean time I will get some water from my brothers place and we'll just keep the fires burning.

Last night at the Loonie Auction we won a free septic tank pump out. Cool. I will be taking care of that as soon as I can get a truck up here. Spring I guess. Of course I will have to do some digging to find the septic tank.


carolb said…
I heart my ceramic potato. Thanks!

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