Powerless at the shop

The before:

The after:

Well at the blue shed. So much snow came off the roof that it pulled the service stack right off the building. Must be a reason the electrical code says you can't put service stacks where snow loads can slide into them. We had some very high winds here and that probably contributed to it. It pulled it right off the shed, split the wall and just about pulled the panel through the wall.

Heres a closeup of the damage.

Lots of work to fix that one up. I will have to straighten the service pole and take a teck cable run underground to the shop. Of course that will entail moving about 12 tons of snow. And rebulding the wall, and ..I don't have the time right now as I am in the middle of a painting job. Oh well. Tom brought his bobcat up and left it here so I can have something more powerful than a speeding bullet--well a snow blower anyway, to clear the snow from around the building. And just when I got the airtight heater all fixed up and working.

It sure is nice up here tho. Makes up for the dinky little bit of snow we had last year. Vancouver and environs are getting pummeled with high winds and rain, were getting high winds and snow. And I know you don't have to shovel rain - but snow wont fill in your basement either..

We have a "loonie" auction coming up to raise money for the Hall Society. It's a lot of fun. Basically you buy a chance to win something for a loonie. You can buy as many as you like. When people stop bidding a number gets pulled out of a hat and if it was the one you bought you get to take your treasure home. Last year I won a neat handmade table cloth. I missed the hour of grading tho. Even tho I spent twenty bucks on numbers. This year I think I'll try $90 bucks worth - which is what the local road maintenance department will charge for an hour. A great deal really.

Xena's outside looking through the window with her one floppy ear. I think she can smell the bacon cooking. There is doggy snout and foot prints all over the bottom two feet of the kitchen window from here pawing at it trying to get our attention. And bacon. Or anything , really. It's just got to be more yummy than kibble.


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