Christmas Day

Found a couple of old friends in the basement.

I had thought that the bindings would have deteriorated like Jo-Ann's but they hadn't so I got to take them out for a spin today. Up to Grandma's then right along the ridge line where the moose have been hanging out and then back to the house. It was pretty apparent that I was shushing through their living room. Lots of beds. And Moose poop. Moose beleive in onsuite plumbing.

What fun. A pre-emptive strike at the Christmas Turkey Jo-Ann and I were planning for supper. Didn't work. I am sitting here in a stupor. Turkey overload.

Got some neat loot for Christmas. A Mike Holmes autographed book and Some Mike Holmes coveralls. I put them on and had to stop myself from ripping out all the plumbing in the upstairs bathroom.

Hope you are having fun too.


Jo-Ann said…
Well, I think you look VERY good in those coveralls. Move over Mr. Holmes!
Viki said…
good haul. Art can you email me please. letter i sent you came back.

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