Up to my Ass....

....In Snow. Must remember for next year:

1) Pick out Christmas tree in July and tag it
2) Make sure it's not too far from road
3) Wear snow shoes ( if snow is up to Butt )
4) Don't invite a Dog that likes to bite shoes and runs around going " Ha Ha, look how much better four legs are than two", and: " Hay, let's go say hello to Mrs Moose. She went that a way"

Anyway, time for a cup of tea, change the pants, and go charge the batteries in the sawzall so I can trim the thing.

Weird thing about Christmas trees. Did you ever notice how much smaller they are when they are standing in the wild? And then they grow when trying to get them through the door. Check out the Missez Blog for pictures of the adventure.

Hope your Christmas is going well.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have been doing a survey this year. When ever I get a chance I say it to people. Just my way of protesting the Happy Holidays politically correct idiocy. It's amazing how many people look startled at first when they hear the traditional greeting and then smile and respond.

Let's keep Christmas, simple, traditional, and about familly and friends being happy and not being guilted into coming for Christmas even tho we have lots of room and don't live that far away from the Coast for Saint Nicks sake, I mean my dog still likes me....but I ramble.....


carolb said…
Did you know that the scientific name for a pine tree is "pinus". Hahaha. I said pinus. I'm not sure what that has to do with a spruce tree, but, what does weiner have to do with spruce trees? Anyway. Merry Christmas and we just might see you around New Years!
Anonymous said…
playing the guilt trip card eh? LU e

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