Sanctum Artimus

Yay! I got the shop powered up and heated yesterday. Just in time for another foot of snow to fall. Well when it comes off the roof it won't hurt anything this time. It sure was nice to get the fire going ( it uses electricity for its fans ) and watch the place dry out.

Today I will add a few more circuits and a GFCI circuit under the front porch to power up the fence line Christmas lights.

The plow guy just drove up and did our driveway so I shouldn't have to put the chains on. It has been touch and go the last couple of days with the temperature hoveing just above zero and the driveway covered with ice and water and slush snow on top of that.

My brother Tom phoned a couple of days ago and said he had an "old thing" he got from the dump for us. Here it is:

I don't think it is playable but it sure is neat. And I don't play the violin yet anyway.

There is some sun shining through today. With all the fresh snow on the mountains it sure looks awesome.


Carol said…
Cool. Sometimes it's amazing what people will throw away.
prairiewoman said…
Bet my dad would like to get his hands on that!
Anonymous said…
I use to play hmm wonder if my fingers can still work
the idea of hearing the screech
Viki's dad would love it

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