Sometimes you have to go backward to go forward..

We've had snow drifting over the top part of the driveway so it was time to call the snow plow in. Just the small one, no need yet for the grader. The weather has really been warming up. Today, for example, it's hovering just a bit on the minus side of zero, with a freezing rain last night. Well the little warm up sure made the road slippery after the freeze up. I always now the roads bad when I see the plow guy trudging up the road. He's stuck. So I put on the chains and pull him out so he can do the rest of the road. I am trying to talk him into getting a set of chains but I guess there a pain for him to put on everytime he comes off the highway.

Here's a vid of the pull.

He had gone off the road into the ditch and got high sided. I had to pull him quite a way down the hill to free him up. Right after that he went up the hill and I went down to turn around. We met at the spot he was stuck in and I tried to drive around him. And of course, drove right in the ditch. And he got to return the favour.


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