My nephew, Conrad, is building a mobile shop out of a school bus. He's a contractor and wants to use the bus as a site office and shop. So he was looking for some place to unload the bench seats from the Bus. Score!

My buddy Ric and his wife Vic had a neat cabin near Princeton that we spent some great times in, and one of it's features was a fire pit that had bus seats all around it.

They've since sold the place and I miss it. So I will recreate the fire pit. I have a great big chunk of Pipe for the pit and now a bunch of bus seats to go around it. Haven't figured out exactly where to put it but inspiration will strike. I am also going to put a bench up on the highest part of our place so I can sit and admire the view. And I will put some along a path we have that circles the North side of the property. What a thrill. I love free stuff.

We're in a bit of a blizzard now so I don't know if I will be going to town this evening. Spent the day working with my Brother building a log cabin. The people who bought it showed up today, big smiles, when they saw the progress. They will want to get it up before spring thaw and the road bans that go into effect.

Here's a pic of the road I bashed to Grandma's earlier. From Grandma's looking down.


Prairiewoman said…
Oh yeah, bus seats and fire pits just naturally go together. Remember those passing satellites and shooting stars, and then the occasional display of northern lights, and the visiting wildlife. . . Guess I'll have to book a trip up there once I'm settled again.
Carol said…
YAY! Bus seats around the fire pit!! That's so great. I miss the old RicVic acres.
Cathy L said…
Okay that does it, i will have to take a trip up there too. The memory of bus seats and a fire pit are too much to resist.

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