Feeling Buggy

When we got home I had a giant toothache that started at the Coast. It's been so long since I had a toothache I forgot what they were like. Managed to find a local dentist who gave me some anti-biotics and told me to come back in a couple of weeks. The 'biotics have started to work. I can see out of my left eye.

It's been snowing again. My friend Audrey has been keeping track and so far we have had 9 feet 8 inches. And something tells me that it isn't over yet. This afternoon we have a work party going to the Hall to shovel off the roof. Hopefully I can get a snowblower up there to help with the chore.

I have been setting up a Linux machine. Using Fedora Core 6. Installed but I am getting a real lesson from Jo-Ann who is helping me set up dual monitors in Linux using an NVIDIA graphics card. Linux is weird. It ships with a lot of software but some of the programs you think it would come with it doesn't. Some of the distributions don't want to include anything but GNU licensed software. Anyway it's a good thing that Jo-Ann is a Unix Master. Linux is similar enough that she is a wizz at it.

We found a bug in our laptop. Literally. A lady bug. At first I thought it was some kind of on screen gimick but no it was a real bug.

I am also setting up a new database for recovery houses. And a new company. A lot of work but I am pretty excited about it. I've decided to make a piece of software that is user driven with online instant help. I.E. If you press a button for help you get a real person helping you. Also integerating a lot of features that I have picked up from people who have used ClientCare.

Anyway it's porridge time.


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