Man's best friend

Xena's almost eleven months old now. She is getting to be quite a companion. She loves going to town. And watching T.V. and hanging out with me when I am programming. Last night I went to a meeting and the topic was: Love and Tolerance. When we got out one of the guys pointed to my truck and said: " now there's a good example of love and tolerance." Perched on the hood of my truck was a small cat staring in at Xena..

Here's a Baby Picture:

And one taken Last Night.

When we were at the Coast my Son in Law Kevin, the dog whisperer, started teaching her about catching treats off of her nose. the training continues:

Now I am off to Tom's to pick up the new Cat skidsteer and give it a try on the road to Grandmas.


carolb said…
What a great trick! Very patient. Moosh and I? Neither of us have the patience for that. "Sit" is about as good as it gets for us!

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