God save the Blogosphere

I fear we take simple liberties like free speech for granted.

I've been following several stories about a Blogger in Egypt who was jailed because he made some disparaging remarks about the Egyptian president Mubarak. What a country. No wonder the middle east is in such a state.

There are also Bloggers in Iran and China who have been jailed for saying things the state doesn't like in their blogs.

Give me a break.

Iran, "let's make a nuclear bomb" and annihilate Israel. And we are going to pay them not to make a nuclear bomb.

We play pussy foot with China, open our borders, woo them as trade partners, ignore the fact there are thousands of Chinese spies in our Country, yet we forget Canadians died fighting them and their despotic North Korean shills ( A country so poor it can't feed its own people, but it has an atomic bomb) in a war that has not been declared over.

A friend of mine said it best: " She won the lottery at birth and was born Canadian"

Je Me Souviens


Anonymous said…
oh no....have you moved in to Grandma's? This sounds like the start of the "Manifesto".

people don't jailed here, they get sued. The world is a crazy place.

carolb said…
Word to winning in the being born Canadian lotto. Now what I need is to win BC Lotto and I'll be all set.
Also...moving to Grandma's house? Hahaha! How very "Shining" of Art! Eek!
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...teehee...HONEY, I'M HOME!

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