Flood Patrol

Were home. It's great. I have been rebuilding my office to make it more efficient. Taming the paper dragon. I am doing a lot of programming and servicing clients and I hate working in a cluttered envoironment. Jo-Ann thinks its weird that I have the filing cabinets labeled. Well we were at the Coast we started a new software company: endatako. Now were doing all the administrivia to get it running. Mike Browne is working on the website. He's a graphic genius. Once we get ready for public viewing I'll post its URL.

Here me and my pal Xena have been doing flood patrol.

The weather has suddenly warmed up. Yesterday it was +10, ( 50F) and the land is shedding snow like it's in a big hurry to lose it's winter blanket. Keeping my 1 kilometer road passable is a challenge. Fortunately my Brother Tom walked an excavator up a few weeks ago and cleared the snow off the sides of the road and cleaned out the ditches. Made a huge difference. I took the ATV out with some shovels and a pick and made sure the ditches were cleared out.

In places I had to do some minor cross ditching to get road run off into the ditch but it made a huge difference. A couple of days of sun and the parts of the road that are exposed to the sun will dry right out. Hopefully keeping it from becoming a rutted nightmare. I will back blade it with the skid steer when it drys a little more.

One of this summers projects is to re gravel the road using geotextile and cleaning back the upslope so that it is less likely to fill in the ditches. Now it is a 90 degree slope and dirt keeps sloughing off into the ditch. My neighbor has several thousand tons of rock he's cleaned from his fields and I will use some of that to reinforce the slopes.


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