Going Green

Well hopefully. We made some mini green houses for the tire garden. We cut up plastic panel into 20 inch sizes riveted them together so they fit around the tires. As the plants grow we lift the plastic up to keep the green house effect happening. The corrugated plastic is covered with green house plastic that is bunjeed with cut up truck tire inner tube that we got for the asking from the tire store in Vanderhoof. At night I put styrofoam panels that are hinged with ductape over the tops to keep the heat in. Later when it warms up we will replace the green house plastic " shower caps" with white horticultural fabric that will let the air in, keep the bugs out and keep the thing a little cooler.
It was +10 the other day and +30 inside the mini green houses. Today it was bright and sunny and the temperature went to +40. Have to work on some ventilation for sunny days. Last night it froze but the temperature inside was +8. Well we'll see how the plants like this one. This picture is me looking through some Ice on one of the tires that wasn't styrofoamed for overnight.
Next addition is to add some auto watering and maybe some solar heating via rubber tubing in the soil. We've planted the tires about a week ago and today we noticed radishes and lettuce showing, so we'll see if were eating radishes in five or six weeks. We also planted kale, carrots, cabbage, a couple of kinds of squash and parsnips. And a couple of test tires of spuds. .

It will be a month at least before we can plant the open garden. Without some kind of row cover.

Were going to expand it this year to about double the size last year. Say about 40 X 100 feet. Anyway, there is something theraputic about playing in the dirt.


Carol said…
Wow...it looks like you're doing commercial growing! You guys are going to have alot of veggies and stuff!!! You can open the Blomquist's Nursery as well.
Verde said…
Just surfing by. Nice photos and I love the tire beds - nice.

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