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Our Driveway. Spent yesterday cutting down all the "leaners" from last winter. They are the poplars and willows that were bent from the snows of last winter and haven't straightend out. Given any kind of snow this winter they will be back on the road so time to get them out of the way.

I want to get them cleared before the road gets graded. The easy part is cutting down the trees, the harder task is getting them off of the road. Fortunatly the skidsteer has a clamshell bucket and that makes lifting the trees and pushing them to the side of the road easier. The real pain is all the little pieces. Only one way to get them..

I had a couple of hundred feet of leaners down when Walter and Audrey showed up with a horse trailer. The were rounding up the last of the cows.



My name is Carla and i live in Portugal i'm 25 years old and a big fan of your blog , not only for the pictures of the beatiful place you live in but all so for the kind of life you live.
Give a kiss to Xena the wonder dog and a big hug for you.
Art said…
well if your ever in the neighborhood drop by and try it out for a while!

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