Winterized Chicken Tractor

We've had a few snow falls so far. Nothing that stuck. But it was time to get the chicken operation battened down for winter. We put double heavy duty plastic over the tractor and covered in the run with some plywood I had kicking around.The "ladies" seem to like the new picture window in the run. I also installed a thermostatically controlled heater in the coop. It's insulated at the bottom so should stay pretty warm. The main thing I have found is that it needs to be dry. So we have six inches of straw in the floor and in the run. I haven't put any straw in the tractor part as we just moved the tractor to a new "port" and they seem to be enjoying the grass and seeds in a new bed. They have scratched the old bed down to the dirt. Almost ready to plant. I am not sure what the rotation should be but it won't be happening during the winter. I can change the straw, of course, and put some in the tractor if they get it down to earth but moving it will have to wait until spring. Or five months from now, whichever comes first. They sure seem to like the new digs. And me and a few select friends sure appreciate the fresh eggs.


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