Snow Way!

Way! The day after we finished putting the silage up and covered it with a huge piece of plastic we watched as some ominous looking weather moved in from the West.

We could see it moving in from the tops of the western hills down the valley below and then up to our place. At one point it was snowing at Grandma's, just a few hundred feet above our house where it was sleeting. Fortunately, nothing stuck but it is sure a reminder that I had better get the place ready for snow. The hoses need to be drained and any extension cords need to be brought in. I ruined one I had left out last year when I plowed parts of the driveway with the skidsteer. I want to get the garage cleaned out so I can put the skidsteer in it. Last year when it got cold I had to put canvas over the skidsteer and put a heater inside before I could get it started. I also learned that leaving ladders on the slope side wall of the shed is a good way to ensure they will be unusable until spring. And then well into spring as the shed gets ten foot drifts on it's sides. Also reminds me to keep a couple of snow shovels in the house so I can use them to get into the shed if it snows heavy. Last year I had to tunnel my way in with a broken round mouth shovel.

It's rainy and overcast today. I am going to get the wood that's in the trailor stacked behind the workshop. We picked up a couple of loads of stair blanks from Tom's and I just couldn't bring myself to cut them up for fire wood. I want to make some rustic benches from some of them. I was going to get some more wood today but the driveway will be pretty muddy. I have YRB scheduled to grade the thing before it snows. Hope they make it. It's a lot less muddy than it was but it is very bumpy.

I also want to clear some of the hanging trees on our driveway. Once it snows they can make it a challange to get up the driveway. And last year the snowplows wouldn't do it.


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