Lumbering Along..

Spent most of yesterday building some lumber storage racks in the storage barn. It will make storing lumber a lot more efficient. Now I just put it in piles on pallets on the floor. And that takes up a lot of floor space. It will also make it a lot easier to get it when it's stacked. I have a lot of old barnwood and rough cut lumber that is sitting outside and I want to get it in and properly stacked so that it is out of the weather. And I can get at it without shoveling snow. I had to go to the hardware store in Fraser Lake to pick up 17 lbs of spikes. $70 bucks later.

Before I get going on the storage project today I am off to Tom's to get another load of wood. This time I am going to use the skid steer to load a dumping trailor. Should be a lot faster than hand loading my little trailor.


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