Willow Cathedral

This is the quick and easy way to get wood for the furnace. With reports coming in of -35 next week I decided it was prudent to stock up the wood pile. Fortunately my brother Tom has a pile of logs that have been prepped for building log homes but have defects on them. Perfect for burning. Dry, no bark. He just holds them up with the skid steer and I can walk along the log cutting it at a convenient height. A mechanized saw horse. Loading a couple of cords of wood up into a pickup truck by hand is a lot of lifting. Scooping it up with the skid steer bucket and me lifting it down into the pickup is about 1000 % easier, and faster. ( Viki..do you recognize the truck?)

When I get it back to our house it's just a matter of using a pickaroon to slide the wood out of the back of the truck and put it next to the basement door. Where it's handy to the wood splitter and sheltered storage.

As easy as this was compared to doing it all by hand, never the less, at the end of the day my back and arms were definitely feeling it. As I got into the house and sat down with a groan, Jo-Ann reaching for the robaxaset to stifle my whining, the phone rang - it was my friend, Chief Joseph, inviting me for a sweat in his newly constructed sweat lodge. It was -20 outside and wonderfully hot inside. After 30 grandfathers ( the red hot rocks) in six rounds of prayers, in an atmosphere suffused with healing herbs and cedar tips We emerged mellowed and refreshed. So much spirituality in a cathedral of willow and old blankets. And then we were off to our regular Thursday night meeting.

I slept like a baby.


viki said…
Holy, that thing still running! 6 rounds! sheesh, we only do 4 here. That's all I can manage anyway.
Carol Browne said…
I've never done 6 rounds, just 3 or maybe 4. No wonder you slept so well. That's a lot of sweatiness!
ablom said…
OK, that was confusing. Only the traditional four rounds of grandfathers. Six rounds of Prayers.
I don't think the human body could handle six rounds of rocks. But I guess you could have less rocks per round..

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