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I have this dream of being able to provide all our vegetables, beef, pork, chicken and eggs that we would need. So far we have the eggs and beef taken care of. Come spring I want to try some porkers and meat chickens. I was explaining this dream to our friend Audrey when we were at her place. I was telling her about a movement - the 100 mile diet whose premise is to grow or buy locally - within a 100 miles of your home. I was saying that most staples can be purchased locally but the hard thing was to find wheat to make flour. She opened up a sack she had, poured some hard whole unground red winter wheat into a food processor and made us enough flour for four loaves of bread. Jo-Ann has been experimenting with whole wheat flours. What a bread this flour made! Sweet with local honey, nutty flavoured, nutritious , filling stuff. Now we are on a mission to locate a source of whole unground wheat. Preferably- red winter wheat. A local feed store sales 50 lb bags for $12.40. But I don't know where it fits in the 100 mile footprint. OK I do - it isn't around here. Maybe I'll try an acre of wheat this summer. Tuesday or so next week we'll make a trip to Burns Lake and see what kind of bread we can make from it.


Wendy said…
Flour seems to be the thing that most locavores have a problem finding, which is bad, because bread is such a staple.

I found local red winter wheat berries at my local health food store ... but then, I broke my eleven year old food processor before I could grind it for flour. So, I have it in the freezer to make sure the moths stay out of it ;). Guess I should replace the food processor ... ;).
ablom said…
Also noodles. I think you found out that it takes a pretty hefty food processor to grind up flour. We Have tracked down a 50lb bag of hard red winter wheat at a healthfood store in Smithers. Still, just outside of the 100 mile limit. Fortunatly I have a lot of land that I can grow it on. Don't know about the harvesting. But, I think people were doing that before it must be possible.

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