It's the little things.

My brain was busy working on a database problem today so I sent it off to work on the problem while I did some projects. Sometimes my brain likes it that way - I think I just get in its way.
I fired up the skid steer and cleared around the chicken run so that I could change the straw in the runs and coop. The chickens sure seem to like fresh straw to strut on. And left-over spaghetti. Any kind of carbs actually.

Then I trudged down to the basement to re-locate the wood pile. One of those little things. When we moved here I built a temporary shop in the basement because the shop I wanted to use was full of the previous tenants stuff. That's a whole 'nother topic. Anyway because of that when I put an inside wood rack in I had to put it on the wrong side of the outside basement door. It was behind the door and when the door was open you couldn't get to the wood inside. So it made getting the wood quite a tedious operation. Go outside, get some wood, wrangle the door open, throw it in the basement, close the door and restack it. And I put up with it for a year. The solution was simple. As they often are: move the wood rack. Bingo! After about two hours of reshuffling stuff I can use a wheel barrow to bring the wood in. It has to be about fifty times faster.

The point is I think it's a metaphor. How many times do I let little problems keep sucking energy out of all proportion to their size. I think it has something to do with the human condition generally. A little pain for a long time can make a mountain of a headache - and we condition ourselves to put up with the headache, just one of those things we should do something about sometime.
Well I think my brain is having fun. I'll check in with it tomorrow if I'm not getting wood from Toms.


Wendy said…
Your metaphor is so true! We do tend to let the little things suck the life out of us until we're too drained to even do the ones that have to be done. That's the one big reason I love my tiny "farm." It's too small to require a great deal of energy from me :). Of course, it's also too small for most things (like livestock ... and outbuildings :).

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