Again. Warmed up and then cooled down. We were in thick white Ice Crystal fog until mid afternoon when the sun managed to burn some of it away. I can usually count on the day being nice when I am stuck in the office. I am working on a new upgrade for our program and contending with a cat (Ewe) who insists on swatting at the mouse cursor as it moves around the screen.
This is a picture of the bug killed pine at the side of our upper driveway. Looks pretty nice with the hoar frost on it. It's dead and I suppose I should cut it down for firewood but a Faller friend of mine pointed out that you don't really want to do that when it's this covered with frost. Something about getting buried in snow if you have to wedge the tree over.
One of the Solar powered lanterns that sit on the ledge on our front balconey. Or is it a veranda.? I can never get those straight.


Carol Browne said…
Oh...Veranda...that's my choice. It sounds so FANCY! Lovely pictures. Your ice tree is awesome!

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