A Cold Shoulder

And a few other parts too. We were up early today as I had to prepare for some remote support sessions. I dial in to my customers' computers and update their software.

It felt a little cold this morning. Colder when I looked at the coldometer. -37 in Fraser Lake, but only a balmy -32 here.We loaded the furnace before bed last night and it was still going this morning at 6:30. Enough that we could just throw some logs in to warm the joint up.

Sometime today I have to make the trek up to Grandma's to make sure the space heaters are on so the water doesn't freeze up. Seems to happen around -30 or so.

Really a good day for some office work.


Viki said…
Ouch this Canadian winter is getting too cold. I'm leaving. Going to Costa Rica till it warms up! Ta hell wit it all.

P.S. congrats on the sale thing

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