Bone Heads and Cheese Heads

Can't you just hear Xena's dream: "... OK if I snap my eyes open suddenly the ginormous bone I am dreaming about will be right there.."

We picked this bone up at a local feed store where we buy our chicken feed. We are going to get another beef cut up as the going rate for one on the hoof now is under $300 bucks. They are just not selling up here. A farmer the other day offered me a herd of 200 for walk away prices. It is almost like the large feed lots are trying to kill the local meat producers. We notice that even with beef being so cheap here it hasn't come down any at the local Super Value. The next time we get some beef butchered I will save some of the big bones and smoke them in our smoker for Xena. (And her yet to be introduced friend Tommy, my friend, RT's new dog.)

Speaking of Cheese Heads:

We bought about 10 lbs of cheese on our last trip to Burns Lake and after doing some research ( much of it contradictory ) on freezing cheese decided to give it a try. We froze about a half pound block rock solid and then thawed it out. Me ( and Xena ) couldn't tell the difference. Xena apparently thought the freezing process made it even more tasty.

I have been following a very interesting blog about Survival Strategies. No-- not a site on how to survive the big one. More like a site about making the most of what we have. Really cool bean recipes in the latest post. Off to find some dried beans. And Corn. Perhaps on our trip to the Coast that is coming up we can stock up.

On an entirely different note. ( and apologies to anyone ( I can't say her name but her initials are Sara Church) who thinks I occasionaly drift into GeekLand) I would sure like to hear about any one's experience changing from a Windows to a Macintosh environment. Particularly in a business context.


Kevin said…
Ummmm...all of the office software I have seen was made by Mr. Gates.

In my opinion, they both have advantages and disadvantages, Apple has a smaller user base, but generally is easier to use as long as you like to do it the way Apple designed it to work (no thinking outside the box) and you know the PC disadvantages. There is no winner in my opinion, but the loser is your wallet most of the time.

Viki said…
Not necessarily the feed lots--but our stupid, shortsighted, over zealous concern for health creating another layer of bureaucratic BS. In short, farmers can no longer sell produce directly, but must go thru a "certified" slaughter broker.
Wendy said…
I freeze cheese all of the time. It's a little more crumbly that not frozen, which makes it harder to slice, but it's great grated ;).

We were lucky this year to get a 1/4 of a grass-fed cow. The prices were higher than what we'd pay for feedlot beef at the grocery, but the quality of the meat was superior, and the price was comparable to what we'd pay for individual packages of local meat. So, I figured we came out pretty even, and I feel better about feeding it to my family. We also got a pig from a friend. Now, we just need to find local chicken ;).

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