Coastal, not Postal

But it's Close. I am now the proud parent of terrabytes. Is that something that eats the earth. Well no. It's a thousand gigabytes and I now have four of them in our new computer. Well two terrabytes inside and two in an external NAS storage. We were due for a new machine and we took advantage of a trip to the Coast to build one form parts. More power - less cost.

Could never imagine that I would need or could use 4T of storage. When I started out mainframes didn't have that much storage. The first computer I bought I had a big dilema over getting a 50 gig or 100 gig hardrive. I opted for the 50 gig as it was feared that the 100 gig unit would lead to sloppy computing. BTW my pinky finger is sticking through the port for the glycol cooling hose. Can you imagine, a computer with a radiator!

We haven't been at the Coast for over a year now. It sure takes some getting used to if your from the sticks like Endako. Construction is every where. I counted 14 cranes on one site alone. All a mad rush for the Winter Olympics at Whistler, I suppose.

We have been getting our fill of the necessesary essential vitamins: Pho, Mempis Grill ( house of meat ), House of Tofu soup. Still on the list, are Chinese and Indian.

I really don't miss the hustle and bustle. It's all like one mad rush. Rush hour in Endako is when twenty miners make it down the mine road at shift change. Here it starts at 7 am and is still going at 7 pm. I'll take the home on the hill any day.


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