Hard working software

As part of our business we joined the Microsoft Empower for ISV's program. As part of that we got a subscription to the MSDN developers network. It provides the latest Microsoft software for Independent Software Vendors ( that's us). It's a huge help for us as purchasing the software otherwise would cost thousands more than we could afford. Microsoft also offers networking and advice on how to grow our business.
I had been waiting for several weeks for some notification that we had been accepted. When I droppped by my brother Tiny's place on the way back from getting new tires at Vanderhoof he mentioned that some one had dropped off a package for us to his house. I guess they didn't want to try and make it up our driveway. One of the benefits of living in a small community - the delivery people know who is related to who..

Here's Uwe trying out the software..er box..Five seconds after I opened it.

"Jeez, Dad, forget that stuff --have you tried the box out!?"


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