Slip Sliding Away

O.K. it's official. If it's wet you will need a 4X4 to make it the last 100 feet up our driveway. My dreams of an all weather driveway have been squashed. It's the part that didn't get enough gravel on it last fall. The rest of the roadway is holding up really well.

It's a sure sign that spring is on the way with the advent of the "Winter booted blue breasted short tail snow bird"

A.K.A. My Sweetie Pie. Wondering what all the commotion is while I crawl under the trailor to splice some new LED tail lights in place.

I long for a dry, heated garage. I will have one. I will not have to lay in the mud in order to crawl under vehicles for repairs that never seem to be required on a dry day - or one that is above -20.

My friend Audrey has remarked that plumbling repairs around here are only carried out when the temperature falls to -30. She could be right.


Rick said…
I like the look of the home. But the snow!! Burrr!!!!
Anonymous said…
HAHA, my neighbours thought they would be fine not putting down gravel in their driveway/carport. HAHA, funniest show I ever saw when they tried using planks to drive out of the c/p on.
viki said…
Oh, BTW, that was the same neighbour who used my property to access their building site from, so the excavation crew put in a gravelled RV parking space for me in payment. They shoulda' . . .
viki said…
who screwed up my grammer?

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