A what?

Living in the City can wear a girl out. All that shopping and making buying decisions can be just plain exhausting. Time for a little nap and think about tomorrows adventures.

And what treasures we found today. In the "English Foods" department of a local safeway store we found this. Mushy Peas. One of my favorites. I am not sure why the English would make this stuff just for bachelors but I guess the old adage about bachelors eating out of cans could apply.

We also found this. Spotted Dick. Not sure what it is. Or what it tastes like. So far I haven't got any takers. But every one around here, except me and Xena are on the healthy diet and excercise plan and eshew any desserts with sugar in them.
Off to visit some customers today and then probably tomorrow or so hooking up the trailor, a half ton of rocks and taking highway 97 back to Endako. Seems like we've been gone forever and I am sure it's not just Xena who is missing here Buddy, Ewe.


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