Clearing away the wreckage of the Past

Winter that is. I got back from the Coast yesterday after a run that started at 3 am. It was the quickest run yet. No traffic in the Fraser Canyon so that part went fast. Leaving at that time of the morning I was able to get home by 1:30 pm. I was glad to have my road lights installed as there was plenty of deer on the side hills as I went by.

Wreckage. I think that the major snow falls are over. Now that its melted it shows where all the crap was that was buried in the snow. Or knocked over by the snow plowing guy. Me.

The gravel we put down last summer made a huge difference in the Road. And where we didn't put it, like around the house, it's still a sea of mud. Not much I can do with that before we do the foundation around the house. Then I can dig out the yard add drain rock and build a proper road around the place. One of the problems is that I have natural springs all over the place and one is right in the middle of the front yard. Or backyard - depending on whose telling the story. But that's another story.
Anyway it was great to get home and to do some yard work. I have to spend a lot of time in the office but I am in a panic to get the garden started. I was going to prepare a new spot to the West of the house but know I am thinking of just expanding the existing garden. Except that was kinda where I wanted to put the garage/workshop.


Viki said…
yep, gotta' love that gravel effect. Too bad it's so dang expensive
ablom said…
Well for me it only cost the fuel and some lunch. I have a gravel pit on the property. I couldn't afford to buy the stuff.

I am shuddering to think what the washed gravel I need for the front of the house will be..

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