The Media Is the Message

OK rant starts here. I have been doing some thinking lately about sustainable living and how that fits into my life personally and dare I say it - globaly.

The straw that broke the proverbial camels back of my personal indifference, although it was probably more like powerlessness. Or perhaps procrastination coupled with lazyness.

Anyway here's the packaging from a mouse we bought the other day:

And this is what came in the package. The goods.

  1. What is the point of so much packaging
  2. Who decided that this is a good idea
  3. How much of this crap ends up in landfills
  4. Why should I care
  5. What am I willing to do about it

I am spending some time thinking about these questions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. More ranting to follow. In a loving non-threatening way of course..


Viki said…
the buck stops here I always say. And overpackaging has been a personal fav rant of mine for years. Now as my arthritis kicks into high gear, the packaging has even more challenge. So, buy unwrapped, bulk, whatever as often as we can I say.
Daughter One said… for thought especially as we have just passed Earth Day. (Too bad we only give the Earth "a day" really...)

Europe has passed “extended producer responsibility” laws that require manufacturers to be responsible for their packaging and products - from creation to disposal. It’s a model Canada should follow.

Write Industry Minister David Emerson and let him know that you expect Canadian manufacturers to redesign their products so that all components (packaging included) can either be re-used, reduced and/or recycled.

Then we can work on the UN taking notice.

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