Stuck in the Mud

It snowed a bit last night. When I was backing up the trailor to unload the new Iron Remover I ran over a bog that I had inadvertantly made myself. Last summer we graveled part of the road to the house and installed a culvert to drain a wet spot on one side of the road. Unfortunatly I didn't put a culvert on the south side to drain the water away and lo and behold made a beautiful truck trap.

Tried the waiting till it freezes trick, but it just didn't get cold enough. So, some shovel work, gravel and a couple of boards ( and some swearing ) later and I got out. Now have plans to put in a culvert and make a new gravel road to the basement ( South ) side of the house.

Continuing the packaging rant. And thanks for the suggestions, keep 'em comeing. Here's one I like and tried the other day. When purchasing something like a mouse just take it out of the packaging and leave all the packaging crap at the store. It's not reducing the amount of crap but it gets the message back to the retailer and then, eventually, back to the Packager.

Heres some links to some other packaging rants: An interesting look at packaging. An English perspective. The Europeans seem to be ahead of us in reuse.

Off to a local get together at the Stellaquo reserve today and tomorrow. Good food, plenty of sharing. I was talking with some Elders last night. An incredible experience as they described their journey and the stories from their and their grandparents past. A very strong oral tradition. The sharing comes right from the heart. And to the listeners.


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