Dog Days

My Daughter Sara and husband, Kevin arrived on Friday. RT & Rhoda and the family, Molly and Tommy stayed around to meet them and have a 100 mile supper. Local cured ham, Garden Veg with Local green house Begonias added for colour and zip. Like Sara says: "We start feasting with our eyes".
Last night was a half-smoked salmon Nicoise Salad ( ..don't have the french mark for the "c") Which was mostly local - the exception being the Olives - Which did come from the Local Safeway.

Hopefully RT & family will be back on the return trip. I don't know what it is with visitors. I can get them here once and then they just don't come back. Bad hosting? Putting them to work on the daily projects? I was pretty sure they were having fun. Stick a cordless Paslode nail gun in RT's hands and we reverted to 12 year olds building tree forts. Just a lotta fun.

Now don't try this one at home. We're trained twelve year olds. Although it looks like RT is sticking the nail gun in my back he was actually just walking by. I think. The Lumber storage barn is coming together, now it's time to shift some salvaged lumber in.
Rhoda, overcome with they heady testostorone laced atmosphere, or the remnants of old horse crap, begged to play with the power tools. Well, OK we forced her. But she did look like she was having fun:

Actually, come to think of it, only one of our friends has been here, done that, and not come back for more. With fuel costs being what they are these days and the Lower Mainland being a twelve hour drive away I was expecting less visitors, but to our delight, that hasn't been the case so far.

Today is Meat Day. We are trying out the new smoker. Kevin is the BBQ Sensei and spent hours last night preparing rubs and sauces for a large grass fed Brisket we are going to smoke for about seven hours and then slow cook on the barbeque for as long as we can stand it. He was up at 6 to get it in the smoker. He started out with apple chips.

As for today's projects, well there's always the chainsaw carb rebuild ( Firewood), installation of a 100 lb cat battery(Snow Removal), or perhaps knock the roof off of the garage. ( Truss Install) or put some lumber away in the new lumber racks (Wood storage, Yard Clean up)

It was 6c (42.8F) when we got up. A beautiful clear day that is warming rapidly, why as I type it's already 15c.(59F) . Last night's sky was a velvet panorama, crowded with stars and a milky way that stretched forever. I even saw two large shooting stars that seemed to hang in that glowing magic sky longer than I could hold my breath. The start of the Persids meteor shower.

And then I slept like a babe. I don't think I was the only one, either.


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