Fecund Zucchini

We got a lotta fecund zucchini.

This year we planted two tires. A couple of tiny wee seeds in all that black amended soil. contained within a stout rubber barrier. What could go wrong? The jolly green garden bully has taken over. Reaching menacingly towards the spaghetti squash. Threatening the onions. Eyeballing the cabbages. We've heard rumblings at night, like it is getting organized, marching, holding rallys . No doubt it will soon get a flag, and march on the house. Total domination.

We were warned. There were subtle admonishments. But did we listen? NO. Thinking that it was hard to get stuff to really grow in this climate we totally forgot about the magic of tire gardening and drip irrigation. Next year-- one tire.

We are in trouble. We are franticaly researching what turns out to be a common problem: zucchini uprisings. In an attempt to keep it in it's place we've tried it steamed, and fried with garlic and butter. Wonderful thick emerald rounds, pan fried with oyster sauce and a drizzle of sesame oil. Pretty much my favorite so far.

This is our friend Rhoda contemplating the evening repast of garden fresh veggies. She really enjoys her zucchini.

Jo-Ann is promising zucchini bread and cake. Perhaps some chutney.

What's your favorite way of dispatching the rampaging zuk?

If your having a zucchini shortage in your area, I am not sure what Canada Post charges for zucchini shipments, but it has to be reasonable.


Rich said…
I like to cut it into slices, put it in a bowl with a little oil and some creole seasoning,

and grill it until it is a little limp (and slightly charred), then put in back in the original bowl (with the oil and seasoning), toss it around a little, let it sit a while (just until the steak is done), and then devour.

Just make sure you grill more than you actually think you need, because some of it always falls through the grill.
Carol Browne said…
Chocolate zucchini cake - http://www.canadianparents.com/recipe/zucchini-chocolate-cake Yum! My aunt used to make that with all her crazy zukes!

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