Re Tread

Xena blew out her left front paw pad while chasing after Jo-Ann.

Jo was going to visit a neighbor and had put Xena in the house to prevent her chasing after the van. Xena has a very bad habit of running after vehicles coming and leaving he yard. After Jo-Ann had left I went in the house and let Xena out to come and help with the garage renos. She saw some cows in the yard and looked at me, I told her to leave them alone, a command she knows and follows. When I turned around after a few minutes she was gone. Vanished. What had happend was Jo-Ann was driving slowly down the, wet from the rain, driveway and I guess Xena heard her and took off after her. By the time I Jumped in the truck and went after her Jo-Ann had her in the truck and was coming back up the hill. Blood stains all over the upholstery from where Xena had ripped her pad. No vet's on Tuesdays so we bandaged her up and put one of Jo-Anns socks on her paw. Today we have an appointment with the Vet in Burns. I am sure she will be fine.

"And there I was buddy, doing at least a 100 around the corner..."

We spent the rest of the day resting. With one of us, and two cats, eating chicken treats.

Xena seems to be getting around O.K. albeit with a limp. When Jo-Ann took her out this morning she wanted to limp after the cows.

My first reaction was anger. A weird reaction to someone I love getting hurt. "What did you do!" I guess it's just fear. But it didn't last with the hang dog look on her face.

"C'mon Dad, your not still mad at me are you?..."


Kevin said…
poor Xena...Brutis did that once. She tore one her pads right off running on concrete.

Looks painful.
Carol Browne said…
Ouch! Poor Xena. Moosh tore a toenail off one time on the Seymour River on some rocks. The vet put an IV bag over her foot so it could heal. We called her tappy foot for awhile after that. Noisy old IV bag on the tile! Get well soon, Xena!

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