Flat Out Composting

Today I laid the last brick in the new compost pad. We've been learning a lot about composting lately and decided to move our current setup closer to the garden. The idea here is to have a level concrete pad that I can use to dump the composte to turn it. That will make more sense in a later Post when I show you the "re-tired" composter.

First we leveled the ground, spiked some salvaged railroad ties down with pieces of 1/2 inch rebar, added some clay, leveled that and then added some sand. This is my friend Dan ( who stopped by the Blomquist bread,breakfast and project place) leveling the sand and giving me an idea for a future sand garden. ( or is that even possible with four cats and a dog?)
Note all the 20 litre pails. That was Jo-Ann's contribution to the project.( and some future ones also) I have a trailer, but it leaks like a sieve so Jo-Ann came up with the idea of loading the pails with sand and transporting the filled pails in the trailer. It sure makes easier work of shifting a lot of sand, or gravel or whatever can fill a pail. And it uses another, ubiquitous local resource: used equipment oil pails. Fortunately the valley below us has nice washed sand a plenty.
After we added 2 X 2 concrete slabs we filled the cracks with some wet sand and voila: Xena has a new dance floor. And she will try to "dance" around the compost, ever so sneakilly. But to no avail, her compost muching designs thwarted by the re-tired composter.
Construction halted on account of a thunder shower. Composter tomorrow.


Carol Browne said…
I'll be checking in to see the finished product. I don't know what a compost pad is. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with that.

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