Garage Update

Back at the garage today. We got all the strapping installed. Put up the insulation barriers, put up the 2X6 and 2X4 trim, and cut in a side door opening. Tomorrow, weather permitting we go for roofing felt and tin. Given the weather that is supposed to be on the way a water proof room would be a good thing. And then comes inside strapping, insulation, garage door, concrete floor and Stain. Oh and some heat.

It is starting to come together. Now I will have to make a decision about putting up plywood or drywall on the inside. My preference would be plywood, but dollar wise, drywall is cheaper.
Am still trying to come up with a game plan for the door on the front that will lead to the "attic" storage. Right now I am thinking of making a framed in set of hinged doors just like a normal door except two of them, and smaller. The trick is in the finishing against the board and batten siding.


Carol Browne said…
Hey wait! You're doing it wrong! There needs to be a tree right in the middle of the building with the roof created around it. What? That's how the people before you did it! And then you have to fill the building with Playboys, right? Hee!

Kidding! Your new garage looks excellent.
ablom said…
Penthouse actually, and their hard to find. However we still have a lot of junk to fill it up with.
Endako Jo said…
c'mon you guys. get your porn right. those were Hustler magazines....because he was a classy guy after all.

oh ya....and the garage does look very nice. and Boose likes it too.

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