Garden Update

We've been working in between snow storms. The last one had me deciding to raise the priority on getting the studded snow tires on the Toyota, and the chains in the trunk. Also time to get the chains on the skidsteer. I went to town after about a foot of it had come down, prior to the snow plows making it down Savory road and it was touch and go with the all seasons on. Even tho they were relativly new, lots of tread, and I was in four by four mode.

We managed to dig out the last of the carrots which are now safely ensconced in sand filled rubber made containers in the cold storage fridge. We also dug out the parsnips, nothing to write home about there, but enough to sweeten up some winter time stews. Sweet potatoes were a bust - we simply planted them too late and left them in the ground too long. They like heat, and they weren't getting enough. We had some small ones but the cold had turned them to mush. Back to Rutabagas next year.

The tires are ready for next spring, or even the hint of it. We left some doubled lids on some of the tires as an experiment and put the rest away in the storage barn.

The chicken house and run got all buttoned down and insulated for the winter. Just in case I don't get the time to turn the blue shed into an expanded chicken factory. The box to the right is an old metal lined feed box that has been re-purposed to hold bedding straw.

Grandma's roof got a much needed hole patch where the wind had ripped out an old metal chimney. It isn't pretty but it won't leak. Next year I will fix the decking and put some new roofing on the flat parts and it's pretty much ready for your visit.

We've had heavy rains yesterday which has melted most of the snow except for some drifts here and there. I don't think we are going to get any more " snow and melts" before spring.

I just can't seem to get back to the garden shed project. Priorities have a way of switching, and there's only one of me. To day we plan on getting one more load of wood from the upper wood lot and putting chains on the equipment.

Hopefully sometime soon after the Garden Shed gets done I will be able to cut a hole in the end of the large shed closest to the house to use it as an equipment storage shed. This is a picture of the inside of the North side of the shed. Some re-structuring required.

Hope your good to go.


Oh Art, I feel your "getting ready for winter " pain. There are at least two of us and sometimes 3 when our son Jason is able to help and yet the "to do" list is 5 times the size of the "have done" list. Your tire use is so impressive to me. ! Hang in there.
ablom said…
Donna, at least I am not trying to write a novel at the same time! Oh well the important thing for me is simply to do one thing at a time.
Anonymous said…
One thing @ a time? Thought you were a multi tasker? L e

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