Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm On Drugs

I've spent about four days sitting and writhing in pain with an infection. The first two days I was trying my first form of defense which is denial. The next two days I was trying all the homeopathic remedies I came across Aspirin and Robax to no avail. I couldn't get to a Dr. readily because there isn't one available on the weekends. Finally got to the Dr. on Monday. Full of trepidation of course: hadn't been to one here since I arrived four years ago, probably have to wait for days for an appointment. My Brain is decidedly not my friend. Twenty minutes of waiting I was introduced to a Dr. that came highly recommended by my friends. He was very interested in my health program and plans for the winter. He's a runner and cross country skiing enthusiast. He recommended it as part of a winter cardio program as running outdoors gets rather difficult and the treadmill is just an approximation. I asked about training and he said he didn't know of any but that he would be glad to give me lessons. How's that for service above and beyond. Oh yes, a couple of hours later with some anti-biotic the pain starts to subside.. Some tests the next day and back in a couple of weeks for a full physical - which is long overdue.

And here's the "Huh" part. On the way home I stopped at my brothers place and parked next to two sets of cross country skies and poles. The looked like they were in excellent shape. "You want 'em" he said. A friend had given them to him a day before. So now I have a set of cross country skies - with absolutely no idea how to use them. Won't be long before I get a chance to learn however.

I haven't been exactly knocking off the late fall's "Get ready for Winter project list", either.

  • Get the Yard ready for winter
  • Garden Equipment shed
  • Equipment shed ( for the skid steer)
  • Winterize windows ( Plastic inserts for all the windows)
  • Blue Shed conversion to Chicken House
  • Winterize Chicken Tractor
  • Anti skid front stairs
  • Emergency Power System. Auto Generator.
  • Wood Elevator
  • Replace Living room Metal Stanchions with a Burl.
Red are " Gotta Get 'er Done" A's. Blues are " Would be nice", B's and Green is " If'n I Gets the time", C's. With some slack for the inevitable clash with reality.

Hard to do that from my easy chair. But I started yesterday with some small stuff from the 2do list ones and today I am almost back to 100%. Thank God for anti-biotics - among other things.

Were in the fall fog season, and have had continual day long fog for five days now. Today it seems to be lifting and there is a strange bright orb in the Southern sky. Fortuitously it's the start of yard clean up day.


Denise E said...

Hope you feel better soon! Figures hey, Jo goes on a road trip and you get sick. The timing for things in life has its own 2do list. Take care.

Art Blomquist said...

A couple of days of Antibiotics and the improvement is marvelous. Actually managing to get some stuff done.

Suzanne said...

Some drugs are good.