Sometimes Life Seems Like a Treadmill

As were now looking at the next half year of winter conditions we decided to get a treadmill to help when we don't feel like putting snow shoes on to get some cardio. We did a bunch of research, but stumbled on this one at Crappy Tire for a 1000$ off.

Once again we found that it is impossible to follow directions - because they don't match the reality of what's in the box. Fortunately it wasn't brain surgery and we had help from Xena and the Katz.

What wasn't in the instructions was how to change the display from Miles to Kilometres, which was strange when you think that Canada is a metric country. A call to customer support who provided some decidedly non-intuitive instructions, something like: Stand on one leg, turn the speed button up while simultaneously pressing the mode button, while whistling "whisky disky doo", change to engineering mode ( thank God I used to work for an engineering department!) and change to mode 93, and voila, it now speaks metric.

A great way to watch T.V. and feel a little less guilty about the process..

The Katz prefer to use it in nap mode, i.e. not moving. Now don't try this at home folks. The slippers are just for show - we do use real running shoes when were running on it.

Our cold snap is over and today it is way above zero and raining. A great day for working in the shop.


Daughter One said…
Careful TV Treadmilling! I've seen your blood pressure shoot up whilst watching crappy repair jobs that only Mike Holmes can fix - you're liable to git going so fast you burn the tread right off the machine!

YAY you guys! You're gonna LOVE IT!

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