Canned Dog

They piggies are slurping up goodies like cheese, mashed potatoes, apples and Cream that come in number 10 cans.  The dogs favorite is the Cheese.  Cleo demonstrates the proper method of getting that last tender morsel from the can.
Oh, Man! This is Goooood!

While checking in with the piggies and chicks this morning I noticed that the window Boose, the cat looks out of was broken in and her cat box and flowers had been overturned.  she was sitting on a chair looking most disgruntled and couldn't wait to get back to her luxury, electrically heated, catnap pad.

Come on Dad!  The draft ruffles my coat!

This was a very old window that was broken.  I just fixed it up with some caulk and a piece of plastic.  I couldn't help but admire how the window was built.  The craftsmanship of the putty holding the glass in place.  The little diamond metal points that secured the glass while the putty set up.   I don't know how old this window was but something tells me it could have predated me.  I tried to fix up a puttied window last year and had a hard time finding the putty.  I wonder if the new high tech, triple glazed, high e, argon filled window I put in the kitchen will hold up for sixty years.  I doubt it.  It seems we don't buy anything today.  We just rent it.  Or make payments on it.  What, in todays, world of toss away consumerism,  is made to last? Oh yah, payments..

Got the side landing and skirt insulation installed in the Green house.

 Even managed to spread a few loads of nice crushed gravel so walking to the Green house isn't an exercise of wearing ten pound mud laden boots during the wet times.

 Like now and in the spring.

We're  waiting for the cucumber harvest to start in the green house.  So far they seem to be doing well: this one looks about supper..

Hope you don't get in any pickles that can't be solved with a fork this week..


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