Take a Side

Or siding.  Blessesd with three days of warm sunny weather and the arrival of a willing friend we managed to complete the outside framing, add insulation and siding.

 Of course we had to have a few coffee breaks to discuss job progress.

The siding and two by fours and insulation was salvaged from a house that we tore down this summer.  Diverted from a landfill or burn pile.

The insulation is now up to R50 and the way the wall is framed there are thermal breaks between the insulation inside and outside.  It has made a huge difference in temperature.  With the HPS lights burning it was -2 outside and 18c inside.  And that's with out having the 45 gallon drums all full.

Now we are trimming the windows and doors with one by Barnwood.  Mostly 6 1/2 inches but some of it 13 inch planks.  It will probably have to wait until a warm spring day before it gets stained.

To celebrate we took a day off and went on an Agate hunting trip.  The Volcanic strata around here is a boon to rockhounds.  Replete with agates and even opal.  The vistas are pretty easy on the eyes thats for sure.

The Dogs loved the "Big Pond".  Xena even went swimming after sticks.  Cleo roared around like  hippo snapping at waves. Lot's of exercise for them.  We weren't the only ones sleeping like babies that night.

Something about being in the outdoors just goes to my head.

Heres an Agate in situ.  Tough to get out but worth the effort.

Some of them have a beautiful blue iridescence to them.

Winds up, weathers warm, time to slop the hogs( Well sweet corn them..) and complete the trim on the green house.  Hope your having a week that warms your heart.


You know what I like most about you Art ? You appreciate where you live instead of complaining about it. Great photos of your beautiful country
Anonymous said…
I love the fall photos - such wonderful colour!

Just thought I'd let you know - your Midlife Farmwife link is an "invalid address".

Hope the good weather holds out for you.

Art Blomquist said…
All the pictures are ones Jo-Ann has taken. She must take a minimum of 50 pics a day! Lots to photograph around here. Were in the get ready for snow mode - with just a tad of panic the few projects left to do..

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