Trimming Down

Well, up and sideways.  We got the barnwood trim done on the front windows of the Green Haus.  Looks nice and makes it more weather and water proof.

 If I get a couple of warm days I may even be able to do some caulking.  I also managed to gravel the path to the G'haus and a camper parking pad.  Complete with geo-textile that a  friend dropped off. The next action is to finish insulating the skirting around the Front and sides ( the backs done) and then move inside for window covers and thermal shades.  O.K.  Those would be second hand quilts from Value Village in Prince George - but they all match - and the price was right.  Just need to invent some kind of pulley system to get them out of the way to let the Sun in.

A friend let us use his dumping trailer so we spent three days dumping our pit gravel on the soft spots on our driveway.  After thirty five loads and a day of grading with Tom's skid steer we have an all weather, mud free drive.  A big cornerstone and job off the 2 do list.

Our Piggies are growing like gangbusters. Slurping up Pig rations and reconstituted freeze dried food.  Their favorite  so far is cheese with mashed potatoes and some salad oil on the garden greens.
You want a piece of me?? That would be Sweet Cream all over the face...

They have developed a rash which was causing them to itch which the Vet says is "Greasy Pig".  The solution is to give them a couple of shots.  One to deworm and parasites and a series of five of penicillin.  We're learning Pig Jujitsu the hard way.  A twisted little finger, skid-marks on an elbow, Jo-Ann's right pointer finger had a nail ripped off.  My pride is a little damaged but not as bad as the piggies.  We tried a new technique today by using a piece of plywood to work them into a corner, and it was more effective than charging around the pen after a couple of porkers with their pig sirens going full blast.  We're having a cup of tea now to wash down the ibiprofin.  The pigs are enjoying some stove top soup and spuds with Garden greens. The sun is shining, it's a beautiful Life.


Denise E said…
As kids for fun we used to try and ride our pigs. Bucking horses or squealing rockets an extreme farm sport for any kid. Have you named them yet?
Art said…
Well, I must still be a kid because I was taken for a ride before we smartened up and built a squeeze that pins them against the wall.

Don't really like to name our food. Maybe Breakfast and Supper. Altho, I have heard Jo call them something like Gurtie and Grunter..

Sometimes I call them: **!!!###.. but really that's not nice because their only doing what instinct tells them..
You probably already learned this Art, but when giving shots hit them hard and fast with NEW sharp needles. They hurt far less. And thanks for the comments on all my Ireland blogs. Now you and Jo Ann just need to GO !!!
Art Blomquist said…
Donna:: The vet supplied us with new disposable needles. They slip in like a hot Knife through butter. The needles are no problem - catching the fiends is another thing. We've built a "squeeze" out of a salvaged bed stead and it sure makes the process a lot easier. Easier - not quieter! One more to go and we're finished this round!

Jo-Ann's dream is to visit Ireland and Scotland, both filled with her relatives. We really do need to add it to the bucket list.

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