-21 and Falling

"Now Kids, don't be jealous - the chickens need a heat lamp you have each other."

" Ah, I guess Dad was right...zzzzzzz"

Weird weather. It's -21c and falling. In town, Fraser Lake, it's only -18. Usually we're about six degrees warmer but some kind of weird temperature inversion is happening. It's snowing also which is really weird at this temperature. Small crystals- like its freezing out of the overcast. And thats weird too - having an overcast at this temperature. It's really time to put the ear flaps on my hat down when I go outside.

I was doing some work with the chicken tractor, adding a heat lamp, and I had to nip into the shop from time to time to thaw out the fingers. Hard to splice wiring with the gloves on.

I usually just run a couple of small heaters in the shop and it keeps it above freezing. This morning I decided to fire up the air tight and I think I will keep that going all day. I have to go down to the Endako Hall and make sure the pellet furnace is keeping the place warm.

Now Sara, if your reading this, don't panic. It's a dry cold. Anyway it doesn't count as cold until it's at least -30. Jo-Ann is still bringing the wood in with her blue crocs, shorts and a "T" shirt. For some reason, she has taken control of the furnace and doesn't want me to play with it...

The chickens are having a great time now. The "A" frame coop has a light and a heater in it, but I added an infrared lamp in the tractor at the end of the run.

You can just hear the chicken conversations: " OOOh Myrtyl, your getting some colour." "Yes, indeed Marge, do you think we might hit the green headed guy up for some sunblock?" " Oh Yes, and maybe a bucket of Pina Coladas.."


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