Frost on the Pumpkins

We had some quick changing weather yesterday that made for some neat effects. It went from 0C to -21 in less than 12 hours. This picture is the view across the South valley from our place. The light is just breaking through the hoarfrost at the valley bottom.Such a rapid change in temperature causes the water vapour to crystallize out of the air. It covers everything giving it a wonderful winter land effect. You can see the crystals in the air, like millions of diamonds. From a distance it will look like fog, which I guess, it is - an ice-fog.
It was almost a shame to destroy this crystal garden by cleaning off the windsheild of the truck. It's really an interesting phenomenon. When Jo-Ann was taking these pictures she could actually see the ice crystals growing!
It has warmed up to -10 today. I will spend the day cleaning out the garage so that I can park the skid-steer and ATV's in it so I don't have to cover the skid-steer with tarps to keep the snow off.

Hope your having a wonderful holiday.


Viki said…
An email I sent you came back. Happy New Year to you both. BTW, my friend Ron Rankin from 100 Mile House thinks he knows you from working in the mine(or was that a mill) mega years ago???
Carol Browne said…
I love the photos, especially this one with the hoarfrost. Beautiful. Hey! Snowshoes! Fun. I still need to go. I was too busy watching movies and knitting to get to it over the break, but there's some snow up on
Ernie said…
Hi folks! We had another white Christmas in London Ontario with about 14 to 18 inches of snow. I was out with the snow thrower twice this season. We now have an unusual warm front that moved into eastern Can. and USA. Rain the last couple of days. Temp. hit 45 0F. today and took all of the snow away. Happy New Year! ernie
Ernie said…
PS. We had this hoar frost on Boxing Day! e.

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