Tip O' the Hat

Made it back from town. Just. Even with the chains on it was slip sliddin away coming up the hill.

Jo-Ann got some video of the run, er slide, but she is in the fingers poking in my eyes, coughing, sneezing, can't talk part of the cold/flu experience. And languishing on the couch with a Neo and a jug of Benylin. Her cat, Blackie, acting as a neck warmer.

Today I will try and get the skidsteer running and bash a trail down to Savory road so I don't have to put chains on. I visited the YRB office and they said they will try and plow the road if they don't have to put chains on. It just takes too long for them to do. Their primary job is to keep the roads open, and this time of year that keeps them pretty busy. They do the best job I have seen in that regard. The driveway job is a public service they do when and if they have the time. Even if they get to do it once it will be a big help as it will give me a nice flat wide base to work from.

I thought I would give an update with our office conversion to linux. Our main working machines use Fedora RedHat. The really cool thing was I managed to get an old 233 mhz system with 96 mbits of ram running as a print server. I tried some very cool distros, Puppy Linux, DSL ( damn small Linux) and setteled on a Canadian distro: Vector Linux. It is based on the venerable Slackware linux and we're thinking of making Vector Linux the main distro that we will use on our working machines. It really brought that old beater 233 mhz machine to a usefull life. An extremely robust and simple installation program.

We have to ( reluctantly ) purchase copies of Vista to use to test our software. We are in the process of updating our software so that it can be used with remote users and to clean up some of the bugs introduced by Vista. So far we only have one customer that uses Vista, and their IT support person is trying to talk them into going back to XP. But of course that would mean purchasing a half dozen copies of XP. Of course it is only a matter of time that other customers "switch" to Vista. The will go and get a new computer or two - and of course, it comes with Vista already pre-installed. What a deal! What a headache. Our code is ripped apart now getting it ready for Vista. Of course the deal with code is once you change one part your into a lot of different parts. Coding is kinda like sex: one mistake and your supporting it for the rest of your life.

I really am starting to enjoy the Mac vs. Windows commercials. I would even consider purchasing a Mac but I really enjoy the cost of open source software.


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