YRB to the rescue

Jollied me right up to see the big YRB grader coming up the driveway yesterday. You could land a 747 on the driveway now. No chains required to get in or out. I managed to get the skidsteer going yesterday and cleaned out the yard. Makes walking around and doing chores a lot easier. I finished just as it was getting dark and my feet, even in my -60C boots were starting to get a little chilly.

The temperature has fallen again today. -22c here. All the trees are frosted over and it's overcast. Pretty in a cold looking sort of way.

I am off to my Brother Tom's to install a block heater in the Toyota. I had been plugging the truck in and it was still hard to start. Then I traced the plug wiring back and noticed that the last time they changed the engine they didn't put the block heater back in. If it gets much colder it can make it really hard to start. Some of the locals tell me about putting tarps over the vehicle and a pipe with a tiger torch under it to get things warmed up.

Xena seems impervious to the cold. She likes going after "mouseicles". She runs around out in the yard looking for and finding, field mice. Actually I think they are called Voles.


Michael said…
Ha Bro-in-law,I just bought a mint condition 1993 Volvo 940 Turbo stationwagon(from a friend in Pr.George)and guess what,it also didn't have a block heater(it came up from Vancouver a few years ago),hense no blk.htr.I put in an in-line hose heater,much easier installation and works very well.It has all-season tires on it which are fairly new,but I would rather have a set of good winter tires on it.I will bring it around to show you soon(I am really impressed with it,it's like driving a Cadillac).Also I sold the Toyota diesel.....got $3800.00 for it(not bad,we only paid $2000.00 for it 7 yrs ago.... see you soon

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